The Thief Comes! A”911″ ALERT for May 2023

We’ve had a 3-4 week build-up leading to this week’s ‘exhortation’ and warning for the body of Christ. THE THIEF IS LOOSE and he is gobbling up and stealing all that he can from God’s precious people! —But do we understand what is most valuable to him? Do we know what God has given us that is so important and essential to our spiritual well-being?

What is it that our enemy, the devil really seeks to devour from us?

It recently began with the recognition that our PEACE, our JOY, and our LOVE have been slowly siphoned and compromised by our adversary, the devil. A spiritual breach has occurred and God wants to fix it!

When the enemy of our souls has crept in and “the thief that cometh” gains access to “our peace and joy, and the love of Christ that abides in our hearts,” there remains no more guard, no barrier for the rest of the house. Our lives become like cities without walls, just waiting for the plunderer to come in and pillage our very souls.

How does all this happen, with us seemingly unaware? Well, we will get to that later in this series, but here is how we got to where we are…

Earlier this year, the Lord spoke an open word of prophecy about ‘DOUBLE RESTORATION’ for the people of God that would go on to “REPENT AND RETURN” to Him:

“Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope.” Even today I declare That I will restore double to you. -Zechariah 9:12

Though I fully received the Word delivered over my life —I did not fully understand what it meant or how this restoration would take place.

The key for me would be in realizing what the enemy had taken from me in the first place. This requires true illumination of the Holy Spirit and Word of God in our lives to SHOW US “our actual condition.” We need to know the real predicament that we are in with both God and the adversary.

The light shines on us first before we can really see the crime scene for what it is. It’s then that we realize that a theft has actually occurred, and one that requires God’s restoring Grace. Calling the police won’t do. A real restoration and recovery are needed. We also need TRUTH.

We need the spiritual exposure of “the breach” in the walls of our lives, and then the courage to take inventory of the damage that has been done. His love will guide us through what can be a very difficult process.

THERE IS AN ORDER OF PRIORITIES with God when it comes to ‘restoration’–and what needs to be restored first is our authority and POSITION in Christ. —True restoration can then take place.

Before a promise of restoration can be fulfilled, God has to take us through a process of “exposing the thief.”

He does this by showing us the doors and means by which the enemy has “entered in” and stolen from our lives.

God needs us to understand that in order for our restoration to be established and ‘take root’ we must KNOW OUR ENEMY –and how to stop him.

He wants us to know “How to catch a thief”!

We must learn how to stop him at the gate of our soul (the entry points of life) and be aware of his many devices.

The Lord would first take me to a scripture in Job, to begin to lay a foundation of the “principles and patterns” for restoration in Scripture. To show me what He wanted and desired to do in my life because Job is very aligned with some of my own recent and personal experiences with God. He always works from the end to the beginning:

"And the Lord [a]restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before." Job 42:10

However, it was Proverbs 6:31 that provided the breakthrough on how ‘catching the thief’ and restoration work together:

It was recognizing that “in order for the thief to pay back what he owes,” HE MUST FIRST BE FOUND OUT.

There is a principle here that God’s restoration and justice for His people are tied to “the thief being caught.”

We can now join this revelation to Job 42:10 because there was something that God wanted Job to learn about the enemy of humanity and his own lack of knowledge about the OMNIPOTENCE of his God.

Job would need to REPENT for something in him that was not identified at the start of his test and trial.

Is “the thief” as a scriptural reality in the lives of Believers and the sons of God something new for the month of May or the year 2023?

No, of course not —THE THIEF WAS HERE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, however, what is absolutely URGENT is that the Lord wants us to know that the devil is now ‘in HIGH season’ –and his activities are increasing and intensifying upon the earth.

His time is short and Satan is absolutely DESPERATE to destroy the peace of God’s people so he can ‘occupy the house’ and then take away the goods and life itself from the people of God.

From the moment that Elohim, the Creator God created man in His own image, the THIEF, who was once known as ‘Lucifer,’ was determined to TAKE FROM GOD, His Creation of Man, to STEAL FROM MAN our Image of God, and to then rob us of our inheritance in Christ. LET NO ONE TAKE YOUR CROWN!

Join us this coming week for Part II in our “How to Catch A Thief” series…

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