The Mind of Christ & the Harvest of God

There is an “all-out war” against the mind of Christ in our world today. Every message, every byte of data, every sound, and every voice seems to be competing for the ‘minds and thoughts’ of man. Each carrying its own cleverly encoded and ”counter-spiritual’ message to Christ’s Word. As His followers and disciples, our ability to possess and retain ‘the knowledge of God’ is the very substance and essence of who we are as Believers. It is our oxygen in the room… Our daily bread, and living water.

Without His mind – we are just like abandoned orphans in this world. Searching for our spiritual parentage all the while dying from thirst and famine. We are lost in a desolate wasteland of lies, deception, smoke and mirrors, and broken glass. . . OUR MESSIAH IS OUR ONLY HOPE AND STRONGHOLD!

In today’s broadcast, we emphasize the importance –the absolute necessity of being spiritually minded in Christ, which is LIFE and PEACE. We are reminded that by allowing His mind to become our own, we can also bring ‘His Peace’ and mind with us to the nations, through the Spirit of His Word. To the wilderness as we tabernacle with the Lord. The place where He not only ‘dwells with us’ but within us through His precious Holy Spirit.

The nations are still in need of those seeds, bread, and water that comes from the showers of rain talked about by the prophet Isaiah. Can the lost find a drink – His living water, in this dry and thirsty land? In the wilderness, where we also sojourn, and in the most barren desert places?

To be sure this world has nothing to offer any of us, and yet the harvest is still plentiful, “whitened” and waiting for its laborers to come work. For we are called to be “co-laborers” together with God so let us gather by His Spirit and work while it is still yet day. For night approaches when no man can work. Amen

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