This has been an extremely heavy prophetic season of revelation (of God’s Word) leading up to our Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) 2023!

A clear focus has emerged in this moment — and it is bound to the Word of God found primarily in 2 Samuel 6:17; Amos 9: 11-15; and Acts 15:12.

Last time, in Pt. 2 of ‘The Thief Cometh: How to Catch a Thief’ series, we learned that the most precious thing that the devil wants to take from us is our ‘secret place’ in God. Once Satan gets access to this place and seat of God’s authority and worship, he accomplishes gain of function over the whole man.

He wants to steal and destroy our lives by removing GOD’S PEACE AND JOY, which are found only in His presence. Without our resistance, he will find a way to ‘enter into’ the most intimate and precious spaces of our lives that are reserved for the Father in holy communion. We recently learned that the only way for him to do this is to remove us from OUR PLACE and priestly position in God.

That altar of worship within us where we meet Him as “His special people and treasure.” The enemy of our soul’s desire was always to seduce and bring us to a place of barrenness and darkness; where we are no longer standing before the Holy Place and being illuminated and filled by the presence of His Holy Spirit, His divine love, and His power.

In today’s broadcast, starting with Exodus 19 & 20, we see the very beginning of God’s perfect and divine plan to meet His people Israel –and to then dwell with them in his appointed Holy Place on the earth.

It was at the base of Mount Sinai that the Lord God would establish His first place of meeting, by instructing Moses to pitch the first tent – the ‘Tabernacle of Meeting’ which would carry the holy things, and most importantly the ‘Arc of the Covenant’ and the very presence of God.

The second place of emphasis in this season of Pentecost is to learn from the “Story of the Glory” –and the journey of His presence amongst His people, as it moved with them and would be established again in Shiloh, with Joshua and the camp.

Shiloh is a place of ‘great prophetic significance’ in helping us to understand these last days… From Joshua‘s conquest and divisions of inheritance – to the tribe of Dan (Danites) in the book of Judges – to the rise of Samuel (1 Samuel 4) and the demise of Eli’s household and Israel’s devastating defeat at the hands of the Philistines –the Lord has a lesson and a story in His glory. Join us in this week’s Remnant Speaks broadcast for an unforgettable walk through these scriptures and God’s plan to RESTORE THE GLORY” in the lives of His people!

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