From Here to Eternity & Happy New Year! Didn’t you Know?

They say timing is everything, but do we really understand the concepts of Cronos and kairosin God’s schedule of human events? Scholars aren’t sure and the Rabbis can never agree, but the actual time of events in the Passover story (Exodus 12) and Crucifixion Friday in the Gospel accounts remain among the most debated details in all Biblical accounts and narratives. How much does it really matter as we walk out our prophetic destiny in the POWER of His Resurrection?

I believe that we are living in an unprecedented hour where we must focus on our ETERNAL narrative. For it is ‘in the absence of time’ that we gain a deeper revelation and insight into God’s final plan that has been completed in Eternity. A plan of salvation and victory that exists (and has already taken place) outside of time, our physical reality, and a 3-dimensional realm. Join us this Pesach (Passover) and Crucifixion Friday as God shifts the atmosphere into the glory of the story!

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