Intro Part 1: “What to do when God’s Judgment Comes” (Characteristics & Responses)


The Characteristics and Responses to God’s Judgement

  • The Warnings that go beforehand will seem to go against everything you think you know, feel, and believe about God and Jesus Christ as a ‘God of Love.’
  • God’s people will be in a total state of denial and unbelief. Resting in the fact that He couldn’t possibly be speaking about their own lives.
  • The warnings will actually have been spoken over and over again through God’s Word, His messengers, prophecy, and His true servants and ministers. (If you are a born-again Believer, His Holy Spirit would have convicted you of personal sin, the sins of your generations, and the corporate sins in the body of Christ, which you would have either accepted or denied).
  • Calls to Repentance will now be overshadowed by the EDICT and final sentence of judgment, which in this stage is now imminent.
  • The judgment of God will not be stopped or manipulated by man’s false humility, guilt, or even the actual conviction of sin by His Holy Spirit. Where repentance was absent, God’s reckoning is now present.
  • There is a point of ‘no return’ where His righteousness and holiness can no longer be mocked, defamed, and “profaned” by His own people. The spiritual Rubicon has been crossed.
  • Though His judgments may seem to be without warning and come suddenly out of nowhere – God always warns and sends His vessels ahead of us to call for our personal and corporate repentance “before” He brings forth His final judgment. (It is our deep-seated sin, iniquity, and arrogance that makes His people oblivious.)
  • Just like in ancient Israel, the stench of the unrepentant sins of His people has now reached God’s nostrils… The iniquity is stubborn idolatry. The rebellion is witchcraft. The unrelenting disobedience is persistent and without end. 

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