The Position of Sons in the Last Hour

Over the last several weeks we have examined the importance of receiving God’s discipline ‘as the sons of God’ —and not as spiritual swine, despising His judgments and the chastening that leads to life. We reject the spirit of unbelief, rebellion, idolatry, religious pride, and mascarade to fully walk in the ways of Jesus Christ. Sons eat a daily diet of the bread of life (the Word) and drink the blood of His Covenant. Only then can we live and have eternal life.

In today’s broadcast, we examine the Son of God and His scepter of righteousness to understand His position, and ours, in the Kingdom of God. The same favor that God has placed upon His Son has been given to us in measure for the glory of God. By faith, we will be able to stand in our kingly position and remain in His peace and rest as we approach the Day of the Lord.

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