Pt 2 “The Diet of Swine & The Signs of Sonship”

When we begin to understand the very serious ‘nature of unbelief’ in the lives of God’s people — we will see the sobering reality of how futile and childlike our attempts are at convincing others (and especially God) that we are the thing that we are not, or that ‘we are not the thing’ that we actually are.

The costumes of ‘religious pride and vanity,’ forms of godliness, and superficial or counterfeit displays of spirituality fail to ‘cover up’ one’s true spiritual condition –and is a vain disguise before a righteous and holy God. No, we cannot hide who we are from the one who created us, but Christ desires to turn us into something new. Someone who is ‘incorruptible’ and that can be claimed as one of His sons. In today’s broadcast, we recognize that this evil heart and spirit of unbelief will stop us dead in our tracks each and every time, as it can never achieve the status of ‘sonship’ in the Kingdom of God. We are not called to be swine, but the sons of God in order to inherit the promises. Join us as we begin to examine what is really kosher and the “Diet of Swine.”

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