Intro Part 4: “What to do when God’s Judgment Comes.” (Supreme Court & God’s Judges) Video

In Part 3, we discussed Israel’s persistent ‘harlotry and adultery’ in the book of Hosea with an introduction from James chapter 4: “Friendship with the World.” Part of what we can see playing out in Hosea in terms of “the psychology of the people of God” is actually the pathology of idolatry and iniquity that was inherent to their cultural and anthropological DNA –just as it is in ours. This predisposition never left their protoplasm or their corporate body and presence, since the time of Egypt and even before.

Join us today as we go to the books of Samuel 6, 7, and 8 in an overlap and eclipse of thematic topics from both the ‘Story of the Glory’ series and today’s broadcast. The Ark of the Covenant is returned in chapters 6 and 7 and God continues to demonstrate His mercy and faithfulness to Israel at Kirijath Jeraim at the house of Abinidab with Eleazar and then through Samuel, God’s judge interceding on behalf of His people. We see the early seeds of what has now come up as a ‘harvest of heartache’ for all Believes, as the Children of Israel ask Samuel to give them a king like their surrounding nations. Today’s session ends with “God the Righteous Judge” in Psalm 50.

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