The Corpse

“Don’t touch that Dead body!” Don’t you touch that unclean thing.

But you’ll gladly touch that man who slithers up to anything.

“You think since I’m outside that coffin, you surely cannot die?”

Are you still cheating on the Man of Truth with the one who kills and lies?

Is this why you can’t discern what’s Kosher; Why you still don’t know what’s Swine?

If so, his coffin prepared for you might work for real this time.

Your body’s growing colder; look what’s happened to your smile. You loved to touch a grinning corpse, so he just stayed with you awhile.

You called him to the living, you called him from the dark. You called him and he showed up with his dust to take that spark.

Now, this is just what happens. This and much, much more —when excuses for the dead are made in exchange with spiritual whores.

When you fail to consecrate yourself from what the Lord does not approve;
You fail to be among the righteous who the Lord said can’t be moved.

Don’t treat yourself to his embalming. Don’t be so quick to take the bribe!
For all that stuff he gives is just to steal your good insides.

You should not have touched the unclean thing; you should have shovled dirt upon that corpse.

For there is no other tool used on a Fool by those God sets apart.

The Woman

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