The Weather Report: “It’s Dry and Thirsty” (Video)The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Pt.2

It’s 100 degrees Celcius…

When we look at the current physical environment we can all agree that it’s SUPER HOT out there! Just as our physical map and land have become ‘unbearable and intolerable’ to our human condition – desperate for water and relief, we can also see the spiritual picture of our lives, which has also become increasingly dry and unproductive. –Lives that beg and thirst for the ‘Living Water’ of the Holy Spirit to come in save us from spiritual dehydration, and drought which produces famine in the lives of God’s people. This kind of spiritual famine is a rampant condition in the body of Christ today – and comes from a lack of water and infilling of the Spirit of Truth – even an objection to it. The Holy Spirit will produce much fruit and bring forth NEW LIFE not only for ourselves but will provide an oasis in the wilderness and rivers in the desert for those desperately in need of salvation.

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