The prophet Jeremiah was set at contention against the world of his day. He had a word from the Lord that could not be accepted by men, even his own people, but was one ‘Divine Judgement’ that had to be rejected by a wicked and idolatrous generation opposed to righteousness of God.

“Why is my pain perpetual

And my wound incurable,

Which refuses to be healed?

Will You surely be to me like an unreliable stream,

As waters that [a]fail?”

Jeremiah 15:18

“Dejected, discouraged, and in despair” the prophet found himself at the end of his physical limitations and human expectations. However, this ‘condition’ and state of being is only temporary when we belong to God and are called to take part in His eternal plans and purposes.

Jeremiah was at the crossroads in his life, his ministry, and in his relationship with God. The prophet had ‘real questions’ for (AND EVEN AGAINST) God. He spoke out of a place of ANGUISH, DESPARATION, AND THE FRAILTY OF HIS HUMANITY – but God had the exact answers he was looking for. He had the Truth and rescue plan, but Jeremiah would need to ‘Return to his God’ in order to get it… Join us live in the room.

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