The Power and Freedom of “Identification”: Straight talk about “Jezzy”

Jezebel is the MASTER of “cover ups.”

If you thought the new face masks hitting the market for COVID-19 are getting weirder and more creepy by the minute – that’s nothing in comparison to the PERMANENT mask Jezebel wears each and every day. Unlike the masks pictured above, her mask never comes off and the variety of disguises available to her – as the “principal deceiver” and chameleon she truly is – can range from a “benevolent, caring benefactor and humanitarian” (which is her absolute favorite) to the wounded victim and injured party – which she never is.

Our Disclaimer…

As shared in our previous narrative and broadcast, the Spirit of Jezebel is the most powerful and effective of all Satan’s weapons against humanity. Due to the massive and ubiquitous nature of this evil spiritual phenomenon – we could never do the subject justice in just one sitting, two, or even three. No, to exhaust the endless scenarios to which Jezebel has entangled the human race and God’s creation would go well beyond the scope of what can be accomplished here. So the goal is to give our readers a “working framework” that includes the spiritual definitions and key vocabulary needed to help victims begin to identify and describe their common experiences.

We first endeavor to help them understand that what is happening to them is “real.” Next, their experiences “have a unique footprint” in the earth that follows a spiritual pattern found in both historical events and the human experience. As individuals begin to realize that they are contending with an evil force that is “as ancient as days” their spiritual context for understanding this battle will change completely.

The pain and anguish unwillingly inflicted against the human soul by Jezebel must (1) be understood as “a spiritual attack” against mankind, and then these collective experiences must (2) be validated by credible and reliable sources. These are the critical first steps necessary for the “psychological barriers” and limitations imposed by the Jezebel Spirit to be torn down.

Finally, and once these initial hurdles have been cleared, her victims must know that the abuse and torment caused by this evil spirit will never cease until Jezebel is driven out of their “spirit, soul, and body” for good.

As Believers, “We are in the world, but not of it.” (John 15:19)

Though we cannot escape Jezebel’s influences completely because they have helped shape and create the chaotic world in which we live –Christ has given us the total spiritual victory and His authority! He has delivered to us “the keys of the Kingdom” – giving us divine revelation, wisdom, and knowledge to defeat Jezebel in this life. To overcome the things of this world through the Word, faith, and the power of God
Jezebel and Satan, as the “god of this world,” will ultimately suffer a final defeat at our Lord’s own hand.
(Revelation 20: 7-9) Amen!

The “great awakening” is the greatest decision you will ever make in your life.

As we begin to “ascribe meaning” to the madness and sheer chaos that the Spirit of Jezebel brings into our lives (relationships, families, fellowships, workplaces, etc.) every piece of information gained about her becomes a part of our spiritual arsenal – and “great awakening” from death to new life! As her victims begin to articulate for themselves what is actually happening to them the soul gets revived and they can now invite “God’s help” into their personal situations.

No one can live a life free from Jezebel’s control without the “indwelling power” of the Holy Spirit – and that means no one! This is the real road that must be traveled and our God is the author of it and goes with us!

Complete DELIVERANCE and total recovery are ONLY possible through CHRIST Jesus our Lord.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil.” -Isaiah 10-:27

(Please note that deliverance is always a process and never an event. -We can get excited about the fact that this is 100% God’s process – and He has designed it for us to win and recover all!)

Her Spiritual Eunuchs vs. Servants of God

As we continue in this way we must also recognize that, sadly, many have “sold out” (their souls) to the Queen and would rather be one of her spiritual eunuchs and stooges than to stand as a free and liberated child of God. Conversely, there are always those who do not want to live, work, play, or continue to exist within her sandbox. Those who eventually realize that not only have they lost toys, but fingers, toes, and limbs.

“Everyone has a master. Even the most rebellious person on earth. For we were CREATED TO WORSHIP and if it will not be God then it will be everything else.”

Some of you just want to be healed and know that what you are up against is Satan’s BEST assassin. Jezebel is the gatekeeper of all other subordinates and completely controls Satan’s war chest. Many have already discovered that it will take more than determination or “will power” to TAKE THEIR LIVES BACK.

The Remnant of God is here to speak to that audience!

“Only the Divine Grace and ‘yoke destroying’ power of God can free us from her grasp! God is looking for our brokenness and surrender!
“Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me.” -Psalm 51:10

Once we fully understand how her system works – and just how many players within each stratum of society are participating – we are compelled to our knees in TOTAL SURRENDER TO GOD. We understand how “helpless and powerless we are” against Satan’s devices: “The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.”

We become in total awe of the “greatness and majesty” of our God. El-Shaddai (God Almighty) having ABSOLUTE POWER. Our Lord, Master, and Creator, Adonai-Elohim is our only help and weapon against this most formidable foe! Know that “His help” is nearer to you than your very words… FOR DELIVERANCE IS IN YOUR MOUTH. We must cry out to our God!

“But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.” -Deuteronomy 30: 14

Finally, many of us who have been given the painstaking task of taking off Jezebel’s spiritual armor, piece by piece, exposing her through the lens of God’s Word/Love and His Light/Truth (until Christ finishes the job) have paid a very hefty price to get here. (One that this writer would not wish upon their worst enemy.)

My beloveds, “learning by the many, many years and things that we have suffered,” as her victims first – and then as her adversary – has made us” innocuous” to her cheap charms (mere trinkets) and her parlor tricks of seduction. We have absolutely no appetite OR TOLERANCE for Jezebel or those who willingly follow her – and have developed an “indomitable will” to resist her even to the point of death. We are both consigned and committed to helping destroy her evil works and at all personal costs. This is the ministry to which we have been called! #TheRemnantSpeaks

Introduction to Tactical Warfare: “Jezebel Plays the Victim”

Like a fisherman with the best of bait, the role of the victim is one of Jezebel’s favorite strategies and games to trap her prospects in a web of emotional manipulation and deceit. The “Playing the Victim” card is dealt from the bottom of the deck – and used when her strategies “to control others” yield undesirable results (or simply aren’t working out as planned).

We introduce this evil strategy (somewhat out of sequence) because “from a victim perspective” this is often the first time they may realize or suspect that something is terribly wrong in their relationships. The “flashing red lights” may begin to blink when her victim is blamed for something they cannot even understand – and certainly did not do!

It’s usually right at this moment in the Jezebel-controlled relationship that the person realizes “everything really isn’t fine” – as they naively thought – and they then ask themselves, subconsciously, the million-dollar question: “Why do I feel so guilty for something I did not do?” (The victim could have just said “no” to coffee at 9 am or simply told a Jezebel the truth about her actions or some unfavorable event. It all will serve quite well as “emotional manipulation” and spiritual bait.)

Here is the essential pivot in the relationship. It is where you either “cut bait” or accept responsibility for “the created illusion” and sink deeper into her abyss. You should know that this may be the first and last sign you ever get to cut and run before it’s too late. For your response to that one intuitive question is the “telltale sign” of whether or not she’s already got her hooks into your soul! As with any deception, Jezebel deception is progressive, but let us first explain what is actually happening in this scenario.

While Jezebel may sometimes appear to be in personal distress – or even dying from an alleged injury she’s sustained this is simply her response to a “push back” or someone saying “NO” to her outrageous demands and scheming plots. She is simply soliciting sympathy as a way of “repositioning” to gain spiritual advantage and control, once again, over her victim and target.

This is all used as a smokescreen as she continues siphoning and stealing from the souls of her victims. Taking more of their life’s focus (in exchange for her own spiritual death) and removing the spiritual oxygen from their bloodstream and environment. Blocking their kinetic energy and hindering the natural momentum in their lives!

“Jezebel hates to be told: NO!” THAT is a “Jezebellic injury.”

The tables always turn. She is not “all-powerful.” A “Jezebellic injury” is always one caused by her “own” deceptive efforts and manipulation, which has a rebound effect. Her stealth and python-like qualities sneak up on her victims mainly through their natural vulnerabilities and human weaknesses. (Being a human being actually becomes your crime in Jezebel’s world!)

These poor unsuspecting souls are completely unaware, thinking they are in normal relationships of “give and take.” The relationship itself is not real because the Jezebel host is “not real” in the most human sense of the word. These situations are very much contrived and fickle by nature and can be shredded by her without a moment’s notice. True empathy is a nonexistent thing for this malevolent spirit.

Especially vulnerable are those who are already emotionally wounded or seeking some form of “personal validation” and acceptance from others in their lives. The Jezebel spirit loves this kind of victim and is very “cunning and baffling” in working her craft by “inviting herself” into their lives.

She will very easily “bait and switch” your past hurts and injuries with her own soulish wounds! It’s almost an infusion of identities. This is designed to get you to mirror “her episode” in a way that seems relatable to you. If she can “make it yours” Jezebel then gets you “to take the lie and deception” inside of yourself, quite literally. To make you now complicit in the caper – of only God only knows what!.

With Jezebel it’s always a trap! –Understanding the pathology…

Qualities like compassion, sincerity, sympathy, caring – overall human decency – are all perceived as weaknesses in her victims. (Anyone with a pulse can potentially fall within that range.)These are actually “tools” for Jezebel who can actually mimic these “endearing attributes” quite well herself – while using yours against you all at the very same time! This is an absolutely BRILLIANT seducer or seductress. (Never, ever underestimate what this spirit is capable of accomplishing through its host!)

She is absolute Hollywood material… DON’T LET HER ABUSE YOU!

Although Jezebel herself is truly lacking these virtues in any genuine way – they do serve as “spiritual openings” for her as the first point of entry into her victim’s lives. THEY ARE THE “SENSUAL GATES” – icebreakers to gather “information and intelligence” about her victims. To access the soul, the spiritual DNA, and even the individual’s entire personal network. -And yes, she will absolutely bring you gifts and flowers if she needs to in order to get it!

You’ve been set-up!

Jezebel’s new profiles on her victims become her “personal property” and are used to spiritually modify and hurt the target with “misinformation”, toxic reports, poisonous darts, and, most important, straight-laced lies. This practice is actually an art form that will not only alter a person’s mental and psychological state – over the long term – but also chemically change your (spirit, soul, and body) balance and orientation on a cellular and molecular level. (More on that in our upcoming books!)

While this may seem like “a lot” to accomplish or an extremely elaborate display or feat on the part of Jezebel – it all actually occurs quite effortlessly for a seasoned Jezebel witch or warlock. They are “the” tacticians in this world. This is the “routine” for exacting their will upon the lives of unsuspecting victims.

“The injection of deception,” as we like to call it. Why is it so easy? What should you do? RESIST AND PRAY FOR SPIRITUAL PROTECTION AND SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH FROM THE MOST HIGH!

Since Jezebel is a spiritual python she knows how to leverage the “strengths and weaknesses” of her victims to suit her own personal needs. Jezebel feeds off the human qualities and spiritual gifts for what is called “supply.” For her, the human soul is simply a plentiful and abundant “resource” of spiritual food used to feed her voracious appetite and ego of pride and vanity.

Jezebel squeezes and drains from a person’s life force until it is totally depleted. They are both vampires and a snake. There is one venom used to control and another to kill...

What a terrible way to find out!

Are you already hurt?

You will know you have sustained an injury because a real Jezebel encounter will leave you feeling violated in some deep way; as if you are missing some aspect of your personal virtue, true character, or soul. Don’t be surprised by this “feeling” because you have actually been spiritually assaulted, even molested, by this filthy and reckless spirit. What’s more perverted is that the Jezebel spirit has it’s own dark and special way of making you “feel good” about feeling bad – making you believe that you’re enjoying the whole experience while she’s doing it.

Faster than the speed of thought – the Jezebel spirit “gives you a false image about yourself” in exchange for taking ownership of your gifts, talents, identity, and purpose. You may even admire her greatly for doing this because few can perform on this level! (She has a special way of uniting the exploited to the exploiter.) The Oscars and Emmy Awards don’t even stand a chance at competing against a truly seasoned Jezebel! They are in fact bonafide witches and warlocks in every working definition.

Jezebel will always devise a “Big Comeback”…

These evil strategies, however, do have a way of backfiring on her quite frequently – causing her a serious “deep spiritual wound” or hurt. Don’t pull out the Kleenex though because you should know that this is a very, very vindictive spirit – one that doesn’t fight fair – and one that will plan your demise for years to exact revenge on her victims. Jezebel will do everything in her power to make them “pay for their mistakes” – FOR REJECTING HER – even going so far as coercing them to “re-engage “after having been exposed. (This is done largely out of fear.)

If you ever re-engage or embrace this spirit after it has been exposed, know that Jezebel’s only goal at this point is to “finish you off” completely so that you no longer pose a threat to her future plans and activities.

Yes, we know how dreadful and distasteful this all is for some of us to learn and accept because many of these “Jezebel hosts” have become nearest and dearest to our hearts; however, please be assured that learning the hard way will be much more painful than being told!

Don’t forget that God is SEPARATING His true sheep in this hour for the purposes of sanctification, blessings, and salvation! (We will talk more about what God promises and has planned Jezebel and all who follow her at the end of our message.)

Tactical Warfare cont… Spiritual Deception & Seduction: “Jezebel can read you like a book.”

We already know that Jezebel’s boyfriend in the form of Lucifer as “the angel of light” is the ARCH DECEIVER. As such, Jezebel’s best and most classic motif is one of spiritual seduction. This is more than just “getting under” one’s proverbial skin, but where flattery, charm – and even the truth (mixed with a few lies) is craftily served as a “deadly cocktail” to disarm her victims.

These are the primary tools used, first and foremost, to win over the “approval, confidence, and trust” of her subjects. It is how Jezebel gains acceptance and influences people to do things they don’t want to do. Like a snake shedding its own skin, she can do this over and over again for it is her very nature!

Bribery, blackmail, extortion none of these tactics present a moral quandary or issue for Jezebel when in a full-blown operation. This is her modus operandi and you can count on the fact “everything you say and do can and will be held against you” – at the most opportune time – to help her get her own way. Choose your words and actions wisely and make them count for God!

Your emotion, your will, your intellect, and your desires will all be used against you as Jezebel is the MASTER manipulator at brokering lives and souls in order to gain power and position – or anything else she may want from her targets. She is also “the queen of sabotage” and destruction. -So know when she exits a victim’s life be sure that she has left behind a trail of wreckage and debris that could take years, decades, or even a lifetime to clean up.

Jezebel uses pretenses, falsehoods, and impure motives to render her targets “spiritually paralyzed.” She makes her victims cooperative, submissive, co-dependant and, sometimes, even unwilling to escape her deceitful plots and schemes.

It is at this juncture when the poor soul is totally invested and mesmerized by her masquerade. Jezebel then turns on auto-pilot, for now, she has your blind cooperation and is both feeding your soul back its own vanity and being fed by it. They can distract and attack their victims simultaneously, and so quickly, they don’t even know they’ve been hit until the long-term damage begins to take its course. This is Jezebel’s deadly pole position from where she can take away life and joy, rest and peace, slowly, tying up her victims “indefinitely.”

KNOW THAT WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY! Christ has come to set us free from the bondage of ALL evil power!

“Information” becomes the knowledge that is then turned into POWER. “Application is the key.”

Spiritual deception hooks its fangs into the deficits of your soul. Now we understand that Jezebel can read her victims quite well, as she is an extension of Satan’s devices, and of himself – fully trained in the wisdom of this world. Her lies and seduction can even begin to “feel like really good medicine” to the broken, needy, inexperienced, and even the “desperate soul.” Let’s not forget that there is a fine line between “medicine and poison!”

Jezebel’s job is to make sure her victims never know the difference. To make you addicted and WANT the poison, as she continues to stroke your “ego” and woundedness. She will feed off what she trains her victims to give her willingly. Jezebel can do this so well that her victims will never even stop to ask her why she is permanently attached to their soul.

Our exhortation to you is to reject everything that she offers you – and anything that you have already accepted from her – GIVE IT BACK!

The spell is simply “garden variety” spiritual witchcraft…

Witchcraft is most simply defined as a system of control and, as such, can absorb many common forms and practices. Most if not all of Jezebel’s victims have no idea that they are now involved in this twisted craft of deception and manipulation. How do her targets actually get to this point?

One reason is that they have yet to recognize how valuable they are, how much they are loved, and how precious they in the sight of God!

To their horror, they eventually find out that this is of not even of the slightest importance to a true Jezebel. –The only value your soul has to her is how it fits into her own library and agenda.

Her spiritual seduction and deception are designed to mask all of this. To be a “slow process” for her to get the MAXIMUM BENEFIT from that person’s soul and life force. (I.e., to extract “as much as she possibly can from her victims” – before discarding them. This is one of her most painful weapons.)

All of Jezebel’s victims become “throwaways” after she’s done using and “soul-sucking.” This assumes that the victim even survives at all because many do not. Dehabilitating physical illness and sicknesses, mental health disorders, and even premature death are very, very common among her victims and participants. It could be weeks, months, or even decades, but the painful truth is that all the deception comes to a tragic end – on both sides. WE NEED GOD’S INTERVENTION OF A POWER GREATER THAN HERS AND OUR OWN.

Know that if you are involved with someone who is a “host agent” to this spirit- in any way – your life is in jeopardy and is almost certainly being “hijacked” (or soon will be) by Jezebel herself. Your life may not even be your own, as God has intended it to be, because your core identity may have been stolen or compromised.

You can purge this evil spirit from your life and discover who you REALLY are! You will then be able to see in the mirror clearly and follow the true path that God has set before you. GOD’S LOVE DOES THIS FOR US!

Introduction: Examining the Historical Record and Narrative

The true spiritual roots of Jezebel victims can only be understood by a forensic examination of the biblical and historical records and narratives. If you joined our last session and introduction video (2017) you may remember that in the Genesis story of Adam and Eve, in the garden, Satan introduces us to the characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit for the very first time – which first “manifests in snake form.”

We then discussed how Satan transitioned this spirit to create the stage for “the first murder” ever occurring in human history. We find this in the account of Cain and Abel. This is where Satan’s Jezebel Spirit rose up in Cain causing him to kill his brother – out of jealousy, selfishness, and covetousness. These are the three REAL and leading attributes and characteristics of the Jezebel spirit.

We are introduced to the concepts of “deception and death” for the first time in Genesis – which must be regarded as the primary biblical and historical narrative for all humanity. This record giving us insight into the “true origins” and foundation for everything else that this spirit does against humanity. We should also note that Satan needed a willing or unsuspecting host, party, or vessel from which to operate his crimes against God and His Creation.

“Cain murders his brother.”

Such is the case with our “Garden snake” used to deceive Eve and cause Adam to transgress – and to provoke our ancestor Cain to murder his twin brother. We can also see that of “the two seeds” of man (Cain and Abel) – one brother has a “very different nature” than the other. This is key to understanding how this diabolical spiritual system will begin to unfold against the rest of the human race up to the present.

We must absolutely be filled with God’s love and Holy Spirit while seeking His counsel of wisdom for the blueprint and instructions to “rid and remove” to drive out this demonic principality from our innermost being and from the corners of our personal and emotional space.

Join us this coming week for Part 3 – “Guilty by Association” Jezebel & The Purge of God in 2020

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